About Hokus

Starting in mid 2021, the journey of Hokus began, it began with one goal which is stimulating a premium hosting provider, providing a high quality hosting service with no costs at all. 100% for free.
The development of Hokus started with a lot of calculations put in mind. From developing an easy-to-use service to the development of our security systems which keep everything running smoothly.
It happened! We're now a reliable free Minecraft hosting provider; delivering our services in a premium quality form and 100% free. connecting players together without any lag annoyance or lack of support
In return of the advertisements displayed on our website, we do it all for free and will always do.

It's free, why do you care?

Something being free doesn't always mean it has to come with a bad quality. You should either provide something good or don't do it at all.
At Hokus we believe that we should treat our users as if they are premium customers, and we really do that!

Interesting, isn't it?

Join us now :)