Hokus F.A.Q.

"Hoku" is a name of Hawaiian origin which means "night of the full moon", the "s" in the end was added to make the name more unique.

Hokus depends on the ads shown on the different parts of its website for its earnings. Any earnings gained are dedicated to the Hokus infrastructure.

We started Hokus after weeks of planning and coding. Our top priority was to develop a powerful infrastructure free of any abusers and overloaders. Our infrastructure strictly forces our "Acceptable Use Policy" to make sure everyone receives their resources fairly. Any abusers are immediately kept away.


All of our clusters are powered by blazing-fast SSD drives.

You can message our customer service using the blue bubble at the bottom right corner of our website. You can also e-mail support@hokus.me or join our Discord server

Yes. You can upload anything as long as it doesn't break our terms.

Accounts whose owners haven't logged in during the past 30 days get all their servers deleted permanently as per our Terms of Service.

Hokus displays ads on its website so we can make the funds needed to keep our services alive. Yes, without those ads we wouldn't be able to continue providing our services for free. That's why we appreciate if you help us by keeping the ads displayed on our website (by disabling any ad blockers)

Thanks to Hokus's smart hibernation system, with it we are able to provide a unique free Minecraft hosting experience where your server starts on demand. Your server soft-hibernates when no players are connected to it. However your server will automatically start once a player attempts to connect. Our smart hibernation system makes your server sound online when it actually might be sleeping to save resources for the other servers that need it in the real-time. 😄

We also host 100% free Discord.js instances that are online 24 hours a day! We are planning on expanding our services so soon.

Hokus used to run its hosted Minecraft servers 24 hours a day, However and unfortunately our clusters started overloading dramatically due to the nature of running a Minecraft server. Due to this, Hokus had to take an action and we came up with the idea of creating a smart hibernation system that puts your server in a state of sleep when not used. Your servers should automatically start once a player connects to them.

Interesting, isn't it?

Join us now :)