Terms of Service

Last updated: 10 November 2021 - 11:50PM GMT+02:00

Being a part of the Hokus community, you have to agree with our terms of service and you're responsible for catching any changes to our terms.


- we/us -> Hokus
- website -> The hokus.me website
- service(s) -> Your Minecraft server and/or any other service you have with Hokus
- our -> Something that belongs to Hokus
- cloud providers -> 1&1 IONOS / Hetzner / Amazon Web Services
- business day(s) -> a day between Monday and Friday

Terms Updates

- We have the full rights to modify our Terms of Service at any time without a prior notice, However we try to announce any changes. In the end it's your responsibility to check any updates performed to our Terms of Service.

Availability / SLA

- Our website should be available 24 hours a day, however downtimes can happen either unexpectedly or due to a planned maintenance. We try our best to prevent any unexpected downtimes.
- Your services with us should be up for as long as possible (the other terms apply here).
- We will announce about any planned maintenances at least 4 hours before their occurence.
- Due to the strict nature of some of our cloud providers, our services may go down for up to 2 business days in case our provider(s) ask for any information/explanation of a security issue with our servers.

Third party terms

- Your Minecraft-related service(s) with Hokus has/have to comply with the End User License Agreement (EULA) of Minecraft/Mojang found here: https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula


- As a user of Hokus, you get access to our support channels (help center/messaging with our support team).
- Support which may require private information (such as access to your account) is provided ONLY through our messaging system (the blue chat bubble on the bottom right corner of our website) and only if you're logged in to the account you're inquiring about.
- Our support team has the rights to ignore/ban you and/or your service(s) with Hokus in case you attack/harass them in a bad way.
- We do not guarantee an answer to all of your inquiries.

Acceptable use policy (AUP)

- Hokus has the full rights to suspend/stop any service(s) that may prevent our clusters from performing in a normal way.
- Examples of excessive usage: 85% to 100% CPU usage for a long time (30 minutes+), using a lot of disk space.
- We do not limit the bandwidth (internet speed) per service, However we have the full rights to shape your traffic in case of the detection of any excessive bandwidth usages.

User accounts

- Your account security is your responsibility. We do our best to prevent your account from getting accessed in an irregular way, However we take no responsibility if your account was accessed and/or modified due to a mistake on your end.
- You (the person who first signed up for the Hokus account) are responsible for your account and for all the activities performed on it.
- We have the full rights to suspend your account and/or service(s) with us in case of your violation to our Terms of Service.
- Sharing your account with someone else is prohibited.
- You're responsible for all the service(s) that belong to your Hokus account, and their violation of our Terms of Service may get your account locked.
- Suspended accounts remain locked for up to 7 days, after that we have the full rights to terminate your account and all of its servicees.
- You have to login to your Hokus account at least once in a 30 days period. Failing to do so will result in a full termination of your account and its service(s) with us.


- You're entitled to own only ONE account with Hokus. We have the rights to terminate all of your accounts on the detection of multiple accounts
- We do allow all of our users to install any custom modifications to their service(s) with us, However we strictly disallow the use of any illegal modifications or those modifications known to cause load on our cluster(s), examples of that are:
  * The use of a plugin that may contain a cryptocurrency miner.
  * The use of a leaked/nulled plugin (e.g. plugins from BlackSpigot and such sites).
  * The use of a plugin that is known to cause a high load on our cluster(s) (e.g. custom world generation plugins).
  * The use of a plugin that fools our hibernation system (i.e. a fake players plugin)
  * The use of a plugin that changes the purpose of your service(s) with us (e.g. a web server plugin).
- Attacks against our website(s)/service(s)/3rd-part(y/ies) are forbidden and may result in a full termination of your account with us.

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