Free Minecraft Hosting

There are a lot of times when we want to have a good time with our friends and we start thinking of something fun to do. And of course mentioning "something fun" brings Minecraft to our minds - what's better than joining your friends on a world full of adventures?

However hosting a Minecraft server locally may not be the best solution for everyone, and paying for a host won't be the best thing either; who pays to play with their friends?
That's what Hokus is for! Hokus allows you to host a free, reliable and powerful Minecraft server 100% for free!
No matter what platform or mode you wanna play, Bedrock, Java, or a mod server. Hokus has it all!
Hokus keeps your server(s) online 24 hours a day (thanks to our smart hibernation) so your adventures can stay continuous without any pauses.
Minecraft art. Credits to Enr1 on Deviantart

Interesting, isn't it?

Join us now :)